Levels of Difficulty

Level 1

If you are a complete beginner and have never done Pilates or other forms of exercise, this level focuses on preparatory or very basic Pilates exercises.

If you have pathologies or are a senior, start here. 

Level 1/2

Classes for a transitional beginner. We introduce new concepts that will help you transition to the Intermediate level

Level 2

Intermediate level. These classes will be more dynamic, will have a lot more flow as less explanation of each exercise is required. If you’ve done Pilates before and are very aware of your body, check these classes out.

Level 2/3

Transitional Intermediate. If you have a stronger core, you are familiar with Pilates exercises, you can “pull your stomach in and under your ribs” without any issues, you can perform “100” with your legs straight a few inches away from the floor without compensating with your back, come here 😀

Level 3

Advanced. These classes include extra “tricks” and super fun, sweaty, “killer” exercises that are a lot more extreme. Vert little explanation, you know each and every equipment and how to set it up in a second. If that’s you, talk to me 😀